Performance Management: Nuclear People Drive Atomic Performance

Performance Management: Nuclear People Drive Atomic Performance

March 30, 2015

How many times have you heard the expression that “people are our most valuable asset”? How many times have you worked in an organisation that genuinely placed and lived that at the heart of it’s culture, truly demonstrating a commitment to this ideal? If you have counted more than one or two then you are among the lucky ones.

My observations would indicate that exceptional, sustainable business performance is a function of exceptional individual performance. Further, it is not a linear relationship either; there are potentially exponential performance improvements at an organisational level that arise when people realise their potential and importantly connect with others who are on a similar personal development journey. Over time, networks of these people are created and the potential for the cumulative impact of these combined networks is expanded by a factor of n (with n being the number of links in the network).

I like to use a (non-technical) physics metaphor to describe how I have observed high-peformance people and teams deliver. This exceptional, high-performance or “atomic” performance is created by “nuclear” people. A model nuclear person is someone who understands their own abilities fully, their inner characteristics, which are fully aligned with his or her externally portrayed characteristics, demonstrating integrity. A nuclear person understands what is core to his being; the values he lives by, the beliefs he holds, the behaviours he exhibits; critically that they are all aligned and congruent. These characteristics are core to the being or put another way are the “nucleus” of the person. Nuclear people create energy within an organisation through both their own activity and through connecting with and energising others. They are self-motivated and seek self-development while promoting it in others creating the basis of a learning organisation. People want to be with nuclear people. Nuclear people radiate a subliminal “attraction” to those around them. People are drawn towards nuclear people and take inspiration from them. Nuclear people connect on multiple levels; intellectual and emotional; they are fuelled by their need to learn and by personal growth. They seek to understand both themselves and others on multiple levels. Nuclear people seek and create win-wins in their business and personal lives, leaving people feeling challenged, enthused and energised. Identifying, developing and importantly connecting nuclear people (through stretch tasks and innovative projects) in any organisation will drive new and increased value.



Photo: Adam Hinett